How to Sell a House in Record Time

How to Sell a House in Record Time

Figuring out how to sell a house, without sacrificing profit, is an issue many homeowners face. A lot of people list their houses, put up the “on sale” signs in their front yards, and then just wait for the best buyers to come to them. These are all appropriate —and very monotonous— steps, but if you want to sell your house in record time, you need other ways to expedite the process.

how to sell a house


Have you thought about the best ways to connect, communicate and share information about your house? Look around and you will see an arsenal of technologies you can use in your promotional approach. A plain advertisement on a local newspaper alone may not have the widest reach.

We will demonstrate 5 of the most effective selling tricks in this article.

If you present your house to a greater number of potential buyers, then it is almost certain that chances of getting quality offers will increase, and this will foster competition among offers. Moreover, we can all agree that presentation matters immensely. Receiving a gift is exciting, but what is more exciting than receiving a gift is seeing the beautiful wrapping and wondering, “What could be in there?”

  • Get high quality photos –or even better, a virtual tour of your house on the Internet. Virtual tours give a candid and truthful representation of the entire house. You would be giving a chance to anyone from New York to California to view inside the house. You can enrich the virtual tour by using extra features such as interactive property maps and text descriptions. If potential buyers like what they see, they will certainly want to come see the house in person.
  • Dress up your house before you put it on the market! Get the lawn moved, consider a new landscaping design, new gutters, siding, deck repair, brick and stonework, outdoor furniture in the patio, and a new hammock, have a termite inspection, change those wobbly handles, get rid of the chips and scratches, or repaint the exterior of the house.
  • Make the potential buyers daydream of serene Sunday afternoons in that backyard.
  • Consider leaving some of your personal property behind as a home warming gift for the new owner? Leave your Batista style express coffee machine or your luxury walk-behind lawnmower for example. Your generosity will return to you in full and overflowing measure!
  • Get an investor involved. Investors have been here many times and are comfortable with the process. Many times they can buy your property outright for cash and take all your selling headaches away.

Whether you are selling because you want to or selling because you need to, we are here to help. Contact us now at and find out how to sell a house the simple and stress free way.