How to Hunt for Deals on Craigslist

How to Hunt for Deals on Craigslist

By: Christina Traffanstedt

One of the best sources for lead generation, one that we use every day all day, is Craigslist. From first glance Craigslist may seem overwhelming with all of the different categories and search options. In this post, I will help you to learn more on how to use Craigslist, how to search it to find good real estate deals, and how to get the jump on the newest postings.


Hyperlinked Categories– When you first open craigslist you will see numerous categories each with a hyperlink to that search term results. Under the “housing” section there are multiple options, one even being “real estate for sale.” These categories will have basic options and ads for you to click on.


Searches– On the left hand corner of the Craigslist home page is a search box. You can search for any keyword you can think of here, just type in what it is that you are specifically looking for and it will show you all of the hits for that keyword. Some examples of searches you could type in would be “FSBO,” “Houses For Sale,” or something even more specific like “3br 2ba houses for sale.” You can be as broad or as specific as you want with the search box, just keep in mind that the more specific you are the fewer hits you will get.

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Saved Searches– Once you have established the specific keywords you would like to see results for on a regular basis, you can save your search. After you type in a search keyword, there is a little “save search” option that you can click and be notified by email when Craigslist finds results that fit your search. Again keep in mind that the more broad your search is, the more hits you will get thus the more emails you will get. It is best to keep it somewhere in the middle so that you get enough hits but not so many that your email inbox gets too flooded to navigate.