Balance: Work Smart and Still Have a Life

Balance: Work Smart and Still Have a Life

By: Christina Traffanstedt

Balance- Most people who work from home, especially those with families or other responsibilities will at one point or another struggle with the age old question of how to balance work and play time, is there a secret? The answer is yes, there is a secret formula that makes this hurdle much easier to get over when working from home and now is your chance to find out. It varies for everyone but in general changing your surroundings, working in increments, having a set sleep schedule, or a combination of these helps for most people.


Surroundings– We all know the saying, it’s all about location. This stands true for business as well. For some, it’s easier to differentiate work and play by changing their surroundings accordingly. For most of us, working pool side sounds like a dream but for some of us, it’s hard to stay focused on work in the wrong environment. Getting an office space or setting up a room or area in your house can help. Having a designated office space to work, can help some to flip the switch in their focus easier.

Take Frequent Breaks- Numerous studies have been ran and the general consensus is that working for about an hour at a time with 15-20 minute breaks in between helps you to stay alert and productive. Our attention spans are only so long and taking frequent breaks to refresh and reset can help exponentially. It can also be helpful to try to get your most important tasks done as early as possible, because in general we are all more sluggish after lunch.

Create A Schedule- For me personally having a set schedule of work hours helps a lot. For example, if I know that I am going to work specific days from 9am to 3 or 4pm a day, I can try to schedule my personal plans and meetings accordingly. Of course things come up and sometimes your schedule gets changed but that’s the beauty of creating your own schedule, you can afford to be flexible when you need to be.

Stay Focused- Most importantly of all, you have to make sure you stay focused. All three of these tips are great and effective if you stick to them and put 100% into your work when it’s time. During the time that you are working, you have to be consistently working you can’t be on your phone, browsing the web, or procrastinating some other way that is what your breaks are for. If you implement these practices and practices like these properly, your time will be much easier managed and you will be much more productive. Implementing systems like this will also give you more time to provide your undivided attention to your family and those in your personal life because all work and no play is just as bad as all play and no work. The key is to find the balance so that it is a win-win all around.